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  •  I am a live sound guy, & recording engineer, having spent 11 years on the road with the Air Force band, & recording five albums with them.  Iíve since moved back home to the Gulf Coast, where I still work in live sound & recording.  I listen very critically, so when I say your amp sounds beautifulÖI mean it.  She sounds amazingly clean & detailed, with a very wide open, transparent sound.  You have a great product; one that Iím sure anyone serious about excellent sound reproduction would love to own.  This amp really performs!  She always feels wide open & effortless; like thereís no limit to the headroom!  I am really impressed with the huge improvement over my older M-500.  . --M-500t mk II
  • It does not even compare to the original 1.0, outclassing it in most every way, and I was pleasantly surprised how well it matches up against the Sunfire. For me there is a substantial reduction in the "hash" previously known in the midrange. That was something that I never quite liked about these units (probably made more obvious by my speakers) and I think I was secretly hoping there would be some improvement in this area. My non-modified unit still exhibits this character so I am very sure of this result. The modified unit very nearly matches my Sunfire which has a quite sweet mid/upper range in its own right. The Sunfire still out performs at higher listening levels and I do mean very loud levels but at any reasonable level I am extremely pleased with Rich's modifications. So much so that I still am using this amp in place of my Sunfire.
    --M-1.0t mk II opt. 002
  • When the Carver M-1.0t MKII arrived I was very excited. Later on that night I took the time to set it up and started my first listening session. For reference, I was using a Carver M-1.5t that was just rebuilt and in top working order before I swapped the M1.0t MKII in it's place. Joined with a C-19 and some Yamaha NS-1000's I got busy. It was already late so I grabbed a few cd's that I know very well and started things up. I played a few classic rock cd's such as Yes, Rush, and Pink Floyd. I noticed major improvements in comparison to the M-1.5t in most every way possible and immediately! The bass was incredibly tighter and definitely more extended. The midrange were warmer and slightly more natural sounding. The treble was very direct and crisp with great frequency extension. --M-1.0t mk II
  • Yes it is obviously much more powerful. Seems to have more "torque" than my M1.5t.  I am using it with the JBL 12"-3 ways and Adcom 565 right now. As I continue to listen to it I realize that I am getting more sound than I remember getting out just one pair of speakers. The low end is tighter and the high end is sharper.  It is stable. The separation is good and it is dead quiet with no signal. --M-1.0t mk II
  • This replaced a freshly refurbished M1.0t in the upstairs system and the differences between the two were readily apparent: The mk II opt 002 has quite a bit more power (the word shitload springs to mind), the bass is a LOT stronger and so is the midrange. A while back I was whining about no midrange controls on the Carver and Sunfire gear - I still would like a midrange control but the culprit, at least in this case, was the old amp. The most noticeable difference was that the soundstage was brought forward quite a bit. I was listening to a live Roxy Music cd and it was as if my seat changed from Row 53 to Row 7. --M-1.0t mk II opt 002
  • The first thing I had to do was turn the bass down from it's previous setting as Rich's amp puts out a bit more bass than the stock 1.0t does. The music starts and the swirling snow never sounded so good outside of the concert hall. It was a WOW! YOU ARE THERE moment. --M-500t mk II
  • I listened to a variety of music, comprised mainly of jazz and pop/rock. I can say that the jazz was the most revealing. What I found, and what should be suspected, is that there is more clarity in sounds with very sharp attacks, like ping shots and rim knocks and the sound of claves. Also, any very short duration loud sound, like picking a guitar or banjo gains clarity. --M-500 mk II
  • Beast! Beast I say! I pushed this thing hard in stereo mode listening to some good old rockin' Ronnie Montrose. The first sonic difference I heard was a robustness I had not heard from my unit. Powerful bass seemed to upwell from the bottom of the sound stage in a way that snaps you to attention. Whoa! There's something really cooking here! I was able to push it louder and louder till I just couldn't take it anymore. It wasn't fatigue, it was fear! --M-500 mk II

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