Carver mk II series audio amplifier

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Carver mk II series audio amplifier

Carver M-500t mk II specifications

  Stock   Mk II
8 ohms 251 watts <0.15% THD   395 watts <0.15% THD
4 ohms 330 watts <0.15% THD   420 watts <0.15% THD
At Clipping    
8 ohms 270 watts   410 watts
4 ohms 350 watts   490 watts
8 ohms 380 watts   520 watts
4 ohms 470 watts   920 watts
2 ohms 410 watts 1214 watts

M-500t MARK II Manual Addendum

The M-500t is widely considered the most musical of Carver's M series amplifiers. Billed as the Light Heavyweight, I've always hoped to have one with more power. Nine months ago I started experimenting, and the Carver Mk II modification upgrade is the result. Each amplifier goes through a 2 track process .


Troubleshoot: Component level fault isolation.
Repair: Replace any malfunctioning parts; bring the amplifier to working status.
Align: Perform all published alignment and service bulletins.
Calibrate: Verify performance against published specifications.


Test: Check power diodes and resistors for drift in value due to age and use. Perform initial benchmark
Restore: Replace all electrolytic capacitors; power resistors and power diodes replaced as required
Augment: Replace all voltage rectifiers with higher current devices. Boost power supply rail voltages. Re-design gain stage for new rail voltages. Replace all electrolytic capacitors, pre-drivers and switching transistors with higher voltage/current devices. Install ultra-fast switching diodes and higher bandwidth input buffer. Increase capacitance from 31000 uf to 44000 uf. Replace output transistors with higher current devices using 7% silver solder.
Calibrate: Benchmark to new specifications. Perform 96 hour burn in at 1/3 power into 4 ohms. Final alignment.

The result is an amplifier with a much higher power rating, more headroom, less commutation distortion, better current sourcing and performance into low impedance loads, as well as tighter bass and transient control.

Bonus upgrades:

  • 5-way binding posts bring the amp into the 21st Century using 7% silver solder
  • Meter incandescent lamps are replaced with high output LEDs of your color choice
  • New High Grade Output relay
  • Modern silicone thermal isolators are used in lieu of mica and paste

What can I do with it?

The M-500t MK II is an awesome 2 channel amplifier

For home theater use, it can be used to power the front left and right speakers by connecting the amplifier to the HT receiver preamp outputs. If your HT receiver has no preamp outputs a line level converter may be used (I can make one for you if required).

What happens if the amp fails?

During the first 15 days, if you are unsatisfied, for any reason, with the M-500t Mk II you can return it to me and I will buy it back for the sale price + $50.00.

As long as we're alive we will repair any M-500t Mk II sold for cost of parts plus shipping.


M-500t Mk II illustrated parts list

Power supply board

Carver mk II series audio amplifier

Main board top

Carver mk II series audio amplifier

Main board bottom

Carver mk II series audio amplifier

M-500t Mk II

Carver mk II series audio amplifier

Carver mk IITM 2008 by Richard Pecoraro

All design modifications are freely available, for non commercial use, and licensed under the TAPR open hardware license (

Hear what you've been missing, with a Carver mk II series audio amplifier!



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