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Unauthorized Products

It has come to my attention that an individual named Russ Kall is marketing and selling a product similar to the Carver mk IITM modifications found on this website.

Russ Kall, and his works (a deriviative of my trademarked products) are not associated in any way with Carver mk IITM series audio amplifiers.  As such, we are not responsible for any damages, required repair, or improper performance associated with any of his trademark infringing mk2 products.

Additionally, as Mr. Kall doesn't own the equipment required to verify the performance of his product, we find that his copyright infringing marketing materials are blatant lies to potential consumers.

Furthermore, visual inspection of his works show deviations from the original design which we believe adversely effect the performance of the modified equipment.

Protect your investment in high quality sound; purchase official mk II modified Carver equipment

Carver mk II TM 2008 by Richard G. Pecoraro

All design modifications are freely available, for non commercial use, and licensed under the TAPR open hardware license (

Hear what you've been missing, with a Carver mk II series audio amplifier!



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